We are a small, boutique actor's agency representing adults in theatre, film and television.

We pride ourselves on really knowing our clients and working with both up and coming and also experienced and established artists.

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Adam Boyle

Sophia Sinclair

Annie-Rose Chapman

Michael Weaver

Lawrence Watling

Darren Privett

Elizabeth Back

Libby Mulligan

Sarah Tortell


Margot Navellou

Paul Mills

Conor Litten

Georgie Fitton

Marston York

Emily Clare

Poppy Thompson-Smith

Lizzie Treece

Vicki Mason

Jessica Foden

Emma Clandon

Kirstyn Peach

Maria Yngvell

Emily Appleby

David Binder

Bethan Haney

Edward Gist

Marie Kemp

Chanelle Leung

Zera O'Hanlon

Paige Hudson

Daniel Stephen-Jarvis

Michael Martin

Lucy McKenzie

Francesca Marago

Ryan Daly

Leonora Brooks

Kris Witham

Finn McGee

Emily Rose Sutherland

Tom Handley

Luke Walden

Bruce Hanson

Lyell Walker

Jannik Archer

Scott James